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What You Get!

You will leave this 2 hour Parenting Masterclass with:

  • The most powerful strategy to get more JOY and less upsets.

  • A guide to parent SMARTER (not harder), for amazing long-term results.

  • A tool to get your kids to listen in 10 Seconds or less. Yep! Really.

  • More cooperation from your kids, by doing LESS - not more.

  • Temper transformation with a simple mindset shift.

What parents are saying:

Invaluable Resource!

Anna (South Carolina)

With Flora & Sustainable parenting you actually have someone who’s read all the books and shows you what to do when nothing else works. Her knowledge on parenting smarter, not harder, quickly became an invaluable resource to my parenting, and there’s nothing else quite like it.

Saved My Sanity!

Leah (Nevada)

It was so nice to be given real tools and quick things to say to keep things moving in the right direction. This program has saved my sanity and has made me enjoy being a mom!

Enjoying my son again.

Shannon (California)

Sustainable Parenting has completely changed the atmosphere in our home, and I actually enjoy my son again.

I was at the end of my rope

Dawn (Montana)

I felt at the end of my rope, like I was failing as a mom and that my patience was depleted. I felt that I was yelling more than I was experiencing joy and I felt like I had no control over how to make it better. A friend of mine suggested checking out the SP Masterclass and it was amazing! The difference that we have experienced as a family is significant. I no longer feel like I'm living out the definition of insanity. Instead I feel more confident, kind, clear, and calm.

Bonus material

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  • Masterclass Workbook

    To help you get the MOST out of the mini-course, and be able to remember the strategies you learn.

  • Fridge Printable - 1

    Have a visual reminder for the key mindset shift - to stop losing your temper.

  • 30 min Consultation CALL

    FREE call with Flora McCormick, LCPC & Parenting Coach - to assess the challenges you are facing and personalize the best next steps.


Owner/Creator of Sustainable Parenting

Flora McCormick

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Parenting Coach of 12 years, and mother of 2 young children, I saw a gap, where struggling parents are left feeling alone, confused & overwhelmed (I felt that way too!). I saw a great need for a system that effectively wraps around parents - giving support, validation & education that is DOABLE & EFFECTIVE in a fast-paced life.